Saturday, June 25, 2016

5 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Romance in Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where we throw away the cares and worries of a long day so we can relax, just be ourselves, and–if we share love with a significant other–pursue the pleasurable expressions of our love and affection. But for some, the modern bedroom has evolved into an all-in-one room for watching the latest movies on the DVD, writing reports on the PC, or doing one’s regular morning workout on the treadmill. This should not be, say feng shui experts, who prescribe that the bedroom should serve no other purpose but be a place of rest and refuge from the busy, stress-filled world outside. If anything, the bedroom should nurture the loving relationship between its residents, or help even a single person improve her ratings in the romance department. Are you ready for some “romance in the bedroom feng shui?”
  1. In the bedroom, your artwork should depict happy, loving couples. Don’t hang pictures of choppy seas, desolate landscapes or sad looking, solitary figures on your bedroom walls. These can only encourage aloneness or more single blessedness. 
  2. Hang or place pairs of objects–two red candles (red and pink are good colors to have in the bedroom), a pair of dolls like Barbie and Ken, a bottle of champagne and two glasses, a small bowl filled with Hershey’s Kisses–in the relationship area of the room to encourage and nurture your intimate partnerships. (Your relationship area is the right-hand corner of the room as you are looking into the room from the doorway.) 
  3. Be sure to keep the relation- ship corner clean–no dirty laundry, no cobwebs, no dead flowers, no clutter! Instead, hang something here that will encourage the love energy in your life. How about a pair of those perfect symbols of wedded bliss: love birds? Or a red negligee? The birds need not be live so you don’t have to clean and feed them! 
  4. Avoid keeping your TV, computer, workspace and workout paraphernalia in the bedroom if you can. The energies you spend to enjoy these activities are in conflict with the restful, leisurely energy that should prevail in the bedroom. These will distract and detract from the energy flow of the room. If you can’t part with your gizmos, at least hide them behind a screen or tuck them into an entertainment cabinet and keep the lid closed when you’re ready to retire. 
  5. Mirrors are the aspirin of feng shui. They work wonders in many situations. Just be careful where you place them. In the bedroom, mirrors work magic as well. Hanging a round or oval mirror in your relationship area would be a good thing. But hanging a mirror where you can see yourself sleeping on the bed is a no-no. Mirrors on the ceiling are taboo! 
All in all, the things to remember about fostering good relationships and keeping the vibes good in the bedroom are: Keep the atmosphere relaxed and sensuously pleasant. Use red or pink for accent. Play soothing music, light romantic candles, use soft lighting, soft colors and fabrics all over this room.