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Why does my IQ drop 10 points when I talk to a girl, and how can I get it to stop?

nervous when I talk to a girlThe Summa Theologica is downright amazing when describing how things really go down inside your head. According to Aquinas, when our “passions” (the part of the emotion you feel in your body) get going it hampers our ability to think and make decisions. Psychologists call this phenomenon an “amygdala hijack”.

When you’re in the presence of anything you fear, your body starts preparing itself for a life and death struggle, a place where you don’t need to think because you don’t have time, where your entire physiology is gearing itself towards getting you to safety. And come on, don’t we all feel fear talking to a beautiful woman? Nervousness, and, if you admit it to yourself, fear of what you’ll think of yourself if she does shut you down, the real cause of “fear of rejection”.

I mean it makes a kind of sense, who hasn’t been rejected by a woman, and immediately felt a tinge of despair, I mean, thoughts like “Well of course she doesn’t want me either”. Your mind sees things clearly even if you can’t verbalize it, if you think a course of action is leading you towards feelings of embarassment and despair, of course you’re going to get nervous, of course you’re going to want to get out of there, or not approach a girl at all.

So, what’s the solution? A bunch of cheesy self affirmations? “Positive Thinking” perhaps? You know the sort of thing that happens, people tell you that if you just think things will turn out right they will, but you also know the first time it doesn’t turn out right your belief in “Positive Thinking” falls apart, and you’re left feeling just as alone and desperate as before, probably worse.

But there is something you can do. There are some things you can learn. Aquinas discusses this very issue, of how a man can show bravery even when his “passions” are shutting him down.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

A Few Words of Caution: #1 Women Aren’t Practice…

woman arent practice#1  There is a temptation to view “getting better with women” as a skill, in the same sense that kicking a football is a skill.

Women are human beings. They have desires and dreams just like the rest of us. Using a woman that you have no real interest in as a test subject for getting better at this “skill” is wrong. In the old days they used to call it leading someone on. Don’t make romantic advances towards a woman in a way that does not reflect what you truly intend. She does not exist for you to use her as a stepping stone towards someone you really do want. This is not to say that you shouldn’t talk to a woman unless you are interested in her. You should try to talk to as many people as possible, but if it is not right, then don’t take it further.

#2 Follow your conscience. If anything I recommend on this page contradicts a moral conviction of yours, don’t think it is “necessary”, and don’t follow it. You may want to research your conviction to see if it is true, but nothing is worth a bad conscience.

#3 Use your head. No advice relieves you of your duty to think. Now there is thinking and there is thinking. “Take 3 Steps” doesn’t mean walking towards a bridesmaid during a wedding ceremony! An exaggeration, but I think you get the point.

#4 Don’t be afraid to step away and come back later. Getting immersed in learning about human relationships is easy to do. It’s fascinating and it is fun. But don’t just keep pressing on, a good rule of thumb is that if you’re getting more and more tired while researching, it’s time to stop for a little while.

#5 Take all of this as serious as necessary, and no more so! You can’t stop mistakes from happening, and you shouldn’t let fear of mistakes keep you from doing anything. Try to keep perspective, as CS Lewis talks about in the Screwtape Letters, we are all subject to the “law of undulation”, energy, interest, and ability are not static or linear.

Keep your head straight,

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Moving Smoothly From Interaction to Phone Number

Phone NumberThis qualifies as a “rule of thumb”, which means there may be some times where this does not apply.

If you’ve gotten to hello and had a good interaction, it is best to set up a date right then and there. This is also one of the few times where having some concrete plan beforehand is a good idea. Suggest dinner, coffee, walk in the park, whatever, and set up a date and time. Asking for her phone number flows naturally, so you can coordinate.

This is a solid idea for several reasons. First, it robs the whole “getting the digits” thing of formality. It makes it easier for her to give you her phone number. Next, if you set a date and time, you can cut down on the irritating problem of getting a girl’s phone number, only to have her never pick up. You probably won’t completely get rid of this problem, but the “flake rate” will start trending down.

This is also a good “leading” behavior, and can communicate decisiveness. You also are seeing how “serious” she is about you, giving her a chance to say no. So on that level it’s also a great time and effort saving device.

An extra word about “fear” since that seems to be the dominant experience holding most men who have trouble dating back. I know that when I first started, actually talking to girls was a big enough step, and I  didn’t usually take it to the next step.

Aquinas makes a distinction between two kinds of fear, a rational fear, the kind of thing that keeps you from walking out into traffic, and irrational fear. Irrational fear is, generally, when you let a fear of a small thing overwhelm your pursuit of a greater thing. This is why we admire courage, if there was nothing to fear it wouldn’t be that laudable.

You don’t have to “feel” brave to “be” brave,

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Friday, October 7, 2016

How to be truthful to your partner

A healthy relationship is built based on trust and also honesty, being honest and truthful to your partner is also another way of giving each other a secure feelings and also trust whenever your partner is not around. So remember to apply these two things in your relationship, never lie and be yourself.

There are some areas that you can start by being honest to each other, now here are some of the areas to explore.

1. Plans and Objectives. Before your relationship becoming more serious, it’s important to see if you both have the same plans for the future. Stable relations were damaged over time because partners have not talked openly about what they want in the future, so if you think seriously talked candidly about what you want.

2. Money. In a period in which the financial aspect is a problem, the subject of money is really essential for a couple. There should be no secrets about the size of your wallet. I know that money is a very sensitive thing to discuss, but I’ve seen many relationships were torn apart because there was no honesty regarding how much you earn, spend, save and all these problems could lead into many kind of arguments even an affair, so you really need to clear things up about this money issue with your partner and no secrets.

3. Sex. They say that sex is not the most important element in a relationship, but that does not mean is not significant. If something goes wrong for any of you, then you need to discuss this with your partner. I know that It is always embarrassing to talk about sex, but if you really love your partner then you’d want her/him to be happy and also save right? Also in a future, if you want to have children then you should talk about any issues regarding your sex life with your partner, don’t be shy and just be opened.

4. Work. Stress at work will follow you home. Even if you try to keep your worries aside a terrible day at work is reflected in the attitude you have when you get home. Should you talk to your lover about the problems they encounter because if you do not, you might like to explode at some point.

5. Bad habits. A small number of bad habits can cause substantial damage to the couple. And you have to tell your lover what bothers you and what ticks may correct them. At the same time, you have to be prepared to hear that you’re not perfect either.

Talk to your lover about the things you expect from him and from your life as a couple. Give him a chance to know you as you are and do not let him create a wrong impression about you, because the truth will come out soon or later.

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Are You In A Love Depression?

Are you in a love depression?  This is where your heart has been broken and you feel low about it.  You may believe that you will never have another romance.  Here’s what to do if you are in a love depression.

First of all, you need to recognize that, however painful, this is a temporary period in your life.  You will get through your love depression.  But, you may need help.

Turn to your friends and family during this tough period in your life.  They will always be there for you.  Don’t be afraid to cry on their shoulders.  One of the ways you will know when you have come out of the love depression is when you yourself are bored with talking about your ex.

But, if your friends and family get tired of hearing about your ex before you are healed, it may behoove you to go into counseling.  A trained therapist can help you work through the break up issues.  By talking to a counselor, you will be able to identify many issues in your life.  Some of these will be about why you and your ex broke up.  Others will help you be a better boyfriend or girlfriend in the future.

Sometimes talk therapy isn’t enough.  When this happens, you need to see a psychiatrist who can put you on anti-depressant medication.  Prozac, Paxil, and other SSRI’s can make a big difference in how you feel about the world.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask for medical help when you need it.
There are other things you can do for yourself when you are in a love depression.  For instance, when you go to the gym to work out, you not only improve your body, you also improve your mood.  Getting your body moving sends chemicals to the brain which elevate your mood.
Pampering yourself can also help you believe that you are a worthwhile person.  Getting a massage can bring a physical relief to your weary body.
Sometimes eating, in moderation, can soothe your soul.  Chocolate, ice cream, and comfort foods all help ease the pain of a break up.  Don’t overdo it and gain too much weight though, because you don’t want to ruin your physique.
Perhaps the best tonic for love depression though, is falling in love with someone new.  Remember that in order to do that, you have to get back in the game.  Don’t believe that you have to be 100 percent ready for a new relationship before you start dating again.  When someone asks you out or strikes your fancy, have coffee with them.  Go to the ballgame with a friend who might be interested in being more.
At some point, you have to get back on the dating scene.  Whether talking to your friends, going into therapy, getting some psychiatric medication, or treating your condition yourself, you need to work out a way to cure your love depression.  The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll feel a lot better.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

What Women Say They Like is “Secondary”

We all know the laundry list of what women say they like in men, “confidence, “funny”, etc. And the truth is that this is actually pretty accurate, women do like these things.

Unfortunately it’s also true that trying to be confident and funny leads to a man bombing nine times out of ten. Knowing why women say these things, and why your attempts fail, however can lead you to the key to creating instant real attraction to women. Not knowing why is the root of the problem that most men when they try to “be what women want” and end up crashing and burning.

Women aren’t being dishonest. They really do like confident, funny men. The thing is, confident, funny behaviors are “secondary”. They are the side effects of the primal qualities of the naturally attractive man. He acts confident because he is strong and courageous, and that strength and courage creates changes in his body language and personal style which women label confidence. He says humorous things, because he is relaxed and secure, the same way it’s always easier to be funny around your friends, you are relaxed and secure with them.

What Women Say

This is also why attempts to be confident or funny fail when you directly pursue them. When you go after side effects instead of primal principles, you come off as “macho”, posturing inauthentic masculinity, or “clownish”, humor that stems from a desire to be liked more than anything else.

Most of what concerns us are really the secondary effects of the major choices that we make. Thoughts present themselves to our minds and we validate or invalidate them based on our real principles, leading to action or inaction. A man who postures at manliness is a man who has validated the idea that he is not a man, but has to pretend to be to get what he wants. A man who is really confident has validated the idea that he is a man and doesn’t need to posture.

The concrete steps you can take are as follows. Courage is present in all of us a little bit. We have all done brave things, even if they were only little brave things. We know how to be courageous. But courage is like a muscle, to get stronger, you have to use it. Every time a fearful thought presents itself to your mind, their reaches a point, where you can make a deliberate choice to either validate that thought, accept it as genuine, or invalidate it, not let it be a factor. And we all know when a fear is big enough to legitimately change our actions, nobody feels guilty about not walking into traffic. It is the illegitimate fears that nail us, that weaken our strength, cause us to feel guilty and think ill of ourselves.

Every fear is like an object being presented to you, in your mind,  regardless of your feelings, you also know whether it should cause you to change course or not. Fear of a girl you don’t know not liking you is total nonsense. So, you can validate it, and get the bonus prizes of shame, guilt, and regret, or you can invalidate it, with the added bonuses of increased strength and confidence.

No one can make this decision for you, which is kind of like being a man,

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Saturday, July 30, 2016


My first visit to CHM was in late August 1996. It was supposedly a good place for young people and should be ideal for my 13 year old son James and I’d heard right. It’s also a pretty good place for adults!

First some basic details. CHM is on the Atlantic coast of South West France, some 50 miles North West of Bordeaux. It is big: over 1800 pitches and over 40 acres. It has two private, naturist, beaches, a very comprehensive selection of shops and a cash machine. Most pitches have some shade from trees, mainly pine, and some sun. The surrounding countryside is mostly pine forests. If you have bicycles, there are cycle tracks, quiet roads, virtually no hills and the pine forests give shelter from any wind. The site is very adequately supplied with toilets, showers (hot and cold) and wash places. All kept frequently and properly clean. All types of mainly free activities are available such as acquirability, yoga, swimming pools, discos and many others. A few activities have to be paid for, these include tennis courts, archery and the ‘clubs ‘for small children. I’m not sure about any charges for ‘Village Artisanal’ for painting, sculpture and their other activities.2

Like Britain, South West France has Atlantic weather, but is of course warmer. Even so there may be cooler or rainy days but on most days in July and August finding suitable shade for an afternoon siesta was almost essential. The sea is not at Mediterranean temperatures but just fine to cool off and for some exercise. There is often good surf and many people use body boards. Certainly the sea seems to be much to the liking of the young people. Quite a number of people use wetsuits and stay in the sea for long periods.

Even if you don’t surf, the waves make for an interesting swim. You can also walk naked for miles (southwards) along the beach although beyond the CHM beach it is not officially naturist. The beach is almost all sandy. – Food is of course very important, and most French food calls for wine. Restaurants (3 course meals from about 55FF) ‘take aways’ and a very comprehensive range of fresh food, meat and drink available from the shops should cover all needs. There are more shops and a market in Montalivet village and the nearest hypermarkets – for widest choice and lowest prices – are in Lesparre (15 miles).

As seems to be normal now, the site could best be described as clothes optional. Not ideal for a naturist venue but it may be preferred by young people in your family. The beach and the pool are however definitely naturist; CHM security staff will ask people to remove clothes if they try to go on the beach dressed (except in a wet suit or towel).

And why so good for young people?

Firstly its a question of size. Because CHM is such a big site you will find a reasonable number of children and young people of all ages playing football or going to the child or youth discos. The occasional disco ‘SoirĂ©e Hexamousse’ when they fill the disco hall with foam is a great favourite (clothes and any shoes will get wet!). CHM seems a pretty safe place for children of all ages, lost children, if wearing their badge, will soon find someone to take them home.

Equally however CHM is fine for adults but, if you’re allergic to children, don’t go in school holidays.

One of the great attraction is the many red squirrels on the site, although not tame, will come quite close if you stay still. – CHM certainly attracts a lot of regular visitors – many loyal over decades. There are a considerable number of permanent sites – chalets and mobile homes.

Even though this was my fourth visits I’m still a newcomer but I have certainly been made to feel extremely welcome and enjoyed a number of invitations to supper.

Gordon Fraser


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Friday, July 22, 2016

Do You Really Think You Can Get the Woman You Really Want?

On a gut level we all know that if we don’t have real hope about something, we can’t move forward to getting it. We know that real hope, the belief that something good is going to come our way, is kind of the fuel of real courage, real guts. I also know that a lot of my attempts to impress women failed because I didn’t really think I had a shot, but was just going through the motions. That’s why finding out that a girl likes you beforehand makes it A LOT easier to “be cool” around her. You have hope, so you take heart and charge in, because you know that the risk is small.

This is why it seems difficult to have better social skills with women in general. If you’re talking to a girl that you don’t know you’re flying blind with regard to whether or not she likes you. And, I know it was true for me, that I had a general attitude that the cards were stacked against me. I also didn’t think that there was anything I could really do, not really, to change myself.

Why did I think this way? Because I felt it. Somewhere along the way I picked up enough bad experiences to implant the idea in my mind and the feeling in my body that, hey, you know you’re not good enough. There are only two opinions in the world you can never escape from, God’s opinion of you, and your opinion of yourself. So, my opinion was no good.

Get the Woman You Really WantSaying that you have to get success first, to believe that you are capable of attracting women is backwards. If you don’t start out believing “I am good enough”, then you won’t get success, or, if you do, you’ll still feel like a fraud. But, the good news is that if you come from this place of hopelessness, you don’t have to stay there.

The key is to get your beliefs in line with reality. The fact that you have free will, that you can make better decisions, learn new skills, is a fact. Read bios of people who’ve turned their lives around. Look for success stories. Look at the Bible, where people are consistently blessed by God for doing right, and reproved for doing wrong. God is not cruel, I don’t believe He is harsh on people for things that are beyond their control. I also don’t think He’s arbitrary, He blesses people who please Him, and what they do to please Him is under their control. But, it’s a fact that gets sidelined in the face of bad emotions and memories of past failures.

“Manliness” is a virtue, it’s the chief thing that is attractive to women and is heavily under our control. The key exercise is, when faced with a memory of past failure, or bad emotions about interacting with women, is to consciously reject it as untrue that you can’t do better. Then act like you can do better. Course correct.  A little courage, and you’ll find you feel better about yourself and your prospects almost instanteously.It may be a while before your feelings and beliefs  consistently (every time) coincide with each other, where you not only improve, but feel great about the process (and positive emotions shine through to women, very attractive), but it’s a nearly inevitable result.

Small steps towards acting by by the truth, and rejecting hopelessness not only as unpleasant, but as false, will reap some of the biggest rewards in your relationships with women, perhaps more than anything else. It’s foundational.

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In Spain, the culture is more masculine and it is often just up the the men to make advances in a relationship.  Learn more at the Potenzmundo Scoop-it, 

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are Free Dating Sites Worth The Effort?

Are free dating sites worth the time and effort of registering and uploading a profile? This is a question many people ask when looking for love online.

Online dating is a great way to meet someone when you find yourself single, but which site is best? There are hundreds to choose from, sites to cover every niche. The biggest decision is whether to opt for a paid dating site or a free site.

Premium dating websites such as and E-Harmony can work very well, but the sign up cost is often very high. In some cases the member will sign up and have difficulty in cancelling membership. The premium sites claim to have a better more serious database of members and so your chances of meeting Mr or Mrs Right is higher than that of a free dating site. This is not necessarily the case though, there is no written or proven rule that indicates whether a paid dating site is more fruitful than a free one.

Dating Sites

With free dating sites such as Free UK Dating Site, the members can register for free, same as Match etc, but they have access to more features and the pressure is not so high to sign up and part with cash to use the site to its full potential.

Most site should allow you to browse for free, but some paid sites do actually have a limit to how many profiles you can view in one day, they will also no longer allow you to wink for free. The free wink feature is extremely useful when browsing potential partners. The reason being that you can gauge if the person you’re viewing is also interested in you, by winking back. If you get a wink.. it’s likely you will have an email back should you choose to register fully and email that person. Not always the case but quite often.

How do Free dating sites make their money though? Well, many make their money from hooking you in, once you start receiving interest then it’s worth registering fully to capitalise on your previous encounters. This then generates revenue for the dating site, the other way in which free dating sites make money is from selling the database of members. Data is big business and unfortunately if you have signed up to a dating site it is likely that sign up will be worth money further down the line, you just need to make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you join and not part with any unnecessary personal information. One free dating site which will ask for additional information is Plenty of, they ask for the number and age of siblings in your family and you must fill this in to use the website. They also use raunchy sexual adverts which lead to premium sites.

In all, any dating site which has a good and up to date selection of members is worth a try, but free dating sites will probably leave you feeling less frustrated if you don’t have much luck.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

5 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Romance in Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where we throw away the cares and worries of a long day so we can relax, just be ourselves, and–if we share love with a significant other–pursue the pleasurable expressions of our love and affection. But for some, the modern bedroom has evolved into an all-in-one room for watching the latest movies on the DVD, writing reports on the PC, or doing one’s regular morning workout on the treadmill. This should not be, say feng shui experts, who prescribe that the bedroom should serve no other purpose but be a place of rest and refuge from the busy, stress-filled world outside. If anything, the bedroom should nurture the loving relationship between its residents, or help even a single person improve her ratings in the romance department. Are you ready for some “romance in the bedroom feng shui?”
  1. In the bedroom, your artwork should depict happy, loving couples. Don’t hang pictures of choppy seas, desolate landscapes or sad looking, solitary figures on your bedroom walls. These can only encourage aloneness or more single blessedness. 
  2. Hang or place pairs of objects–two red candles (red and pink are good colors to have in the bedroom), a pair of dolls like Barbie and Ken, a bottle of champagne and two glasses, a small bowl filled with Hershey’s Kisses–in the relationship area of the room to encourage and nurture your intimate partnerships. (Your relationship area is the right-hand corner of the room as you are looking into the room from the doorway.) 
  3. Be sure to keep the relation- ship corner clean–no dirty laundry, no cobwebs, no dead flowers, no clutter! Instead, hang something here that will encourage the love energy in your life. How about a pair of those perfect symbols of wedded bliss: love birds? Or a red negligee? The birds need not be live so you don’t have to clean and feed them! 
  4. Avoid keeping your TV, computer, workspace and workout paraphernalia in the bedroom if you can. The energies you spend to enjoy these activities are in conflict with the restful, leisurely energy that should prevail in the bedroom. These will distract and detract from the energy flow of the room. If you can’t part with your gizmos, at least hide them behind a screen or tuck them into an entertainment cabinet and keep the lid closed when you’re ready to retire. 
  5. Mirrors are the aspirin of feng shui. They work wonders in many situations. Just be careful where you place them. In the bedroom, mirrors work magic as well. Hanging a round or oval mirror in your relationship area would be a good thing. But hanging a mirror where you can see yourself sleeping on the bed is a no-no. Mirrors on the ceiling are taboo! 
All in all, the things to remember about fostering good relationships and keeping the vibes good in the bedroom are: Keep the atmosphere relaxed and sensuously pleasant. Use red or pink for accent. Play soothing music, light romantic candles, use soft lighting, soft colors and fabrics all over this room.