Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are Free Dating Sites Worth The Effort?

Are free dating sites worth the time and effort of registering and uploading a profile? This is a question many people ask when looking for love online.

Online dating is a great way to meet someone when you find yourself single, but which site is best? There are hundreds to choose from, sites to cover every niche. The biggest decision is whether to opt for a paid dating site or a free site.

Premium dating websites such as and E-Harmony can work very well, but the sign up cost is often very high. In some cases the member will sign up and have difficulty in cancelling membership. The premium sites claim to have a better more serious database of members and so your chances of meeting Mr or Mrs Right is higher than that of a free dating site. This is not necessarily the case though, there is no written or proven rule that indicates whether a paid dating site is more fruitful than a free one.

Dating Sites

With free dating sites such as Free UK Dating Site, the members can register for free, same as Match etc, but they have access to more features and the pressure is not so high to sign up and part with cash to use the site to its full potential.

Most site should allow you to browse for free, but some paid sites do actually have a limit to how many profiles you can view in one day, they will also no longer allow you to wink for free. The free wink feature is extremely useful when browsing potential partners. The reason being that you can gauge if the person you’re viewing is also interested in you, by winking back. If you get a wink.. it’s likely you will have an email back should you choose to register fully and email that person. Not always the case but quite often.

How do Free dating sites make their money though? Well, many make their money from hooking you in, once you start receiving interest then it’s worth registering fully to capitalise on your previous encounters. This then generates revenue for the dating site, the other way in which free dating sites make money is from selling the database of members. Data is big business and unfortunately if you have signed up to a dating site it is likely that sign up will be worth money further down the line, you just need to make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you join and not part with any unnecessary personal information. One free dating site which will ask for additional information is Plenty of, they ask for the number and age of siblings in your family and you must fill this in to use the website. They also use raunchy sexual adverts which lead to premium sites.

In all, any dating site which has a good and up to date selection of members is worth a try, but free dating sites will probably leave you feeling less frustrated if you don’t have much luck.

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